immersive 3d tours.
as-built floor plans.

Access to property information benefits everyone –
Faster decision making, better planning, and easier navigation are the results. Our 3D Tours include accurate 2D Floor Plans, 360° images, and readily measurable space dimensions. At RDG we know the importance of accurate Floor Plans and the value they offer for your business. Every 3D Tour project includes As-Built Floor Plans in both online and printable formats to drive sales with future development in mind.

What is a 3D Tour?

In simplest terms, our 3D Tours are a series of 360° images where you can easily navigate from one 360° image to another. In each 360° image, you can look left-right and up-down.  In addition, you can move between 360° images, zooming in and out during such transitions, resulting in the immersive experience of moving through your 3D space.  These are browser-based for ease of use by you and prospective tenants or buyers.

Accurate Floor & Room Dimensions On As-Built Plans

Our 3D Tour camera systems’ time-of-flight laser scanner gives confidence in measurements. Feel assured that we will deliver reliable measurements and Floor Plans with a typical dimensional uncertainty of 0.5% or less, well below industry standards.

Each of our 3D Tours provides detailed and defensible square footage analysis and the typical square footage uncertainty easily meets the requirements of various property measurement standards (such as 2% for BOMA).

Advanced measurements will change the way you understand a space by giving you the freedom to measure either directly in the Floor Plan or in an image on our 3D Tour.  This is next level virtual immersion at its best.

What's the cost?
How long does it take?

Depending upon the Project’s: location, site conditions (ie. empty vs. crowded space), square footage, and time of day availability (ie. evening hours only) the cost will vary. Connect with us below for pricing.

As for timing, most projects can be shot in an hour or two.  File preparation for processing, together with data processing and creation of the As-Built Floor Plans etc. can usually be completed and delivered in about a week.