Jacob D. Rivalsi

Director of Architecture

number of years in profession

number of years with Rosenbaum Design Group


Registered Architect + AIA + NCARB

what is the importance of the prop in your photograph?
This little notebook doesn’t contain any great works of poetry, or prose, or fine art. But, it’s a great companion that helps me sift through my thoughts.

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what is your favorite quote to live by?
“Do I contradict myself? / Very well then, I contradict myself, / I am large, I contain multitudes”
I don’t interpret as Whitman is defending hypocrisy, or defying accountability. Rather an acknowledgement and acceptance one’s own inevitable growth and evolution.

where is your dream vacation?
The open road … with enough time, money and gas, not to worry about where I’m going.

what’s your favorite book(s)?
East of Eden / Darma Bums / The Stranger / The Sun Also Rises

when you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
In my best moments I didn’t want to grow up. As a child I wanted to simply be in that moment. What more is there to aspire to? … than being full of boundless energy and creativity, in a world full of promise and adventure?
That … or maybe shortstop for the New York Yankees.

if you could have any super power, what would it be?
Flight. I can’t say it’s the most powerful or practical of super powers, but it’s always been something to daydream about.

what’s the coolest thing about your job?
You can explain what an architect does to a child … we dream-up ideas, we draw them, we build them. Not every job can be innately understood by everyone. Human beings have a natural desire to create. Children create tree-forts with their friends, while architects create buildings with their colleagues.